Galley Management and Menu Planning
Integrated software system for Galley Management and Menu Planning.
Galley Management and Menu Planning

AeroChef Galley is a solution that provides relevant functions and modules to support business - critical activities for Galley Management.

Airlines have been constantly struggling with the need to enhance the Galley stowage planning and catering equipment handling process. Many airlines continue to use manual systems or legacy software systems which are cumbersome and unstable. The need to replace the system and process and to implement an industry standard is a must for all Airlines.
AeroChef Galley is a solution that provides relevant functions and modules to support business-critical activities for Galley Management such as designing, planning/loading equipment, and publishing relevant documents/manuals to local and overseas caterers through the internet.
Aerochef is an enterprise level application that integrates the various departments and functions in a Flight Kitchen that work together in delivering that quality "one meal" on time.
With low margins and large volumes being the rule of the game - proper costing, budgetary control, preventing wastage, forecasting and informed decision making has become as critical as ever. Inflight catering services is an important component for branding, positioning and marketing for Airlines across the world. A good meal has been the start of many good relationships and research over the years show that the quality of inflight meals and services form a main part of the post flight customer satisfaction for both business and leisure travelers. Airlines which stopped serving meals are going back to offering meals even for short duration flights.

Setup and





Outside Catering

Galley Inventory

Caterer Portal


Caterer Management


cloud hosting

Available as 'Hosted SaaS' or 'On Premise' model

multiple location management

Designed for multiple location management

third party systems

Integrations ready with third party systems

Customizable framework

Customizable framework, which is modular and scalable

Actionable data insights

Actionable data insights


Highly Secure

data analytics

Real-time data analytics


Easy to Set Up, Use and Administer

Key Benefits
Streamlined business process
Centralized management
Cost savings
Operational efficiency
Avoid invoicing errors
Automation of manual tasks
Backtracking of information
Reduced frustration levels
Structured workflows
Improved productivity
Up-to-date MIS reports